Patch Notes

What are patch notes? Online games constantly evolve and change. As the developers identify bugs that need to be fixed or find the need to tweak gameplay, they make modifications to the game. There is also a constant flow of new content for players to explore. When these changes are made to the game, the developers will release patch notes that inform the players of what changes have been made.

As patch notes become available, they’ll be posted here.

SWTOR Patch Notes

Patch Notes Coming Soon!

The release date for SWTOR is December 20, 2011 in North America. The game is currently in the beta testing phase. Although all the bugs will hopefully be worked out before the release date, it is quite possible that a few will slip through. In addition, after the game is released we can expect to see new content being added over time and tweaks being made to balance gameplay. When these changes are made, the developers will make changes to the game and will push them out in patches to the players. The patch notes will describe what changes have been made.

We’ll start seeing patch notes after the game is released, and we’ll be posting them here as they become available.